Tinge Belgian natural skincare


Formulated by pharmacists and produced in Antwerp

Tinge is a brand of Hew Pharma. Hew Pharma has become established in Belgium as a producer of high-quality raw materials and natural dermocosmetics for the pharmaceutical sector. On the banks of the Albert Canal in Antwerp, you will find HeW Pharma, where the team of pharmacists searches daily for sustainable active ingredients and new innovations. The Tinge team invests a great deal of time and effort in research and formulation.

Aqua purificata

All Tinge products are produced with ultra pure water, i.e. aqua purificata. It is free of contaminants and minerals that can irritate your skin. Aqua purificata is a must-have ingredient for skincare products to be both safe and highly effective. Using aqua purificata also drastically reduces the risk of allergic reactions. HEW Pharma is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in Belgium that produces aqua purificata for commercial use.

Maximum efficiency

At Tinge, our products contain a high content of active ingredients, which sets us apart from many other brands that sometimes contain only up to 1% active ingredients. You will not find any unnecessary fillers in our products; on the contrary, they can reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients and even be harmful. With us, no minimum dosage for maximum gain, but rather maximum dosage for optimal efficiency. We stand for quality and care about the customer.

The force of nature

Tinge strives for purity by using as many plant-based ingredients as possible in its skincare products, making them optimally suitable for sensitive skin types. Because there are only plant-based substances that are not suitable for sensitive skin, we do sometimes opt to supplement our products with a very small amount of hypoallergenic synthetic substances. This is with the aim of striving for the best possible formula for the skin. All our products are dermatologically tested and provide optimal care with minimal irritation, even for the littlest ones.

We strive to minimise our environmental footprint on all possible fronts. At Tinge, we prefer glass packaging, which is infinitely recyclable, and wooden lids made from sustainable wood. When plastic is unavoidable, we consistently choose plastic made from sugar cane. We also strive to source as many local suppliers as possible. All the natural raw materials we use carry one or more international sustainability certificates. Moreover, most of our production is realised using solar energy.

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