Empowering purity & quality,

pioneering solutions 

Combining pharmaceuticals & cosmeceuticals

Our mission is to develop and produce high-quality cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals, with a special focus on sustainability. 

Made in Belgium

On the banks of the Albert Canal in Antwerp, you will find HeW Pharma, where the team of pharmacists daily searches for sustainable active ingredients and new innovations.

Hew Pharma has become an established name in Belgium as a manufacturer of high-quality semi-solids and natural dermocosmetics for the pharmaceutical sector.

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Aqua Purificata

The most important base of creams, i.e. aqua purificata, is produced by HeW Pharma in-house, at the highest degree of purity.  This purest water according to European Pharmacopaeio (Ph.Eur.) standards is used as a mandatory ingredient in pharmaceutical ointments and is marketed commercially to pharmacies and hospitals in Belgium. 

Aqua Purificata is the purest form of water used in skin care products and its main purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients and minimize the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations.

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