R&D : from concept to development  

Inspired by nature – proven by science

Our scientists transform natural plant-based substances into truly functional bioactive cosmetic end products. Our R&D team employs cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal bioavailability, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the active ingredients we source.  

Production : from labscale to productionscale

Innovation in Production and Technology, All In-House 

By bringing research, development, and production under one roof, we enhance overall efficiency and foster a dynamic exchange of inspiration and knowledge among our skilled and passionate staff. This integrated approach ensures precision, timely production, consistently excellent quality, and constant availability.

Cosmetic Formulation à la carte

Would you like to develop a new product tailored to your brand? Are you looking for an innovative cosmetic formula or a more customized product? 

The dedicated expert team at HEW-Pharma is here to assist you.