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Celtosome™, culture of dedifferentiated cells from marine plants

Marine halophyte plants are naturally exposed to stressful conditions such as salinity and exposure to UV radiation. Their specific defense mechanisms developed in response makes them an unparalleled resource when creating effective active ingredients for skin care.

The dedifferentiated cells of marine halophyte plants are reproduced and cultivated in bioreactors. Transformed into active ingredients, they can deliver exceptional performance as part of cosmetic formulas.

What makes dedifferentiated cells special is their very absence of any character of specialization and their potential to contain all components of the plant. Dedifferentiated cells are both able to self-renew at an undifferentiated stage, and to differentiate in all cell types through regenerating an entire plant – depending on the conditions of cell culture.

Each type of metabolism generates specific metabolites. Dedifferentiated cells behave like a ‘molecule factory’, waiting for the appropriate culture conditions to synthesize targeted active ingredients, in potentially different compositions to the original plant.