Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Lipoaminoacid chemistry creates life-inspired ingredients with increased biological performance or interfacial properties.

At HeW Pharma, this chemistry, at the crossroads of amino acid chemistry and oleochemistry, has given rise to two major families of ingredients: concentrated active ingredients with multiple biological performances, and liquid, foaming biosourced surfactants.

Amino acids, an essential resource

Amino acids, given the diversity of their structure and omnipresence in nature, constitute an essential resource for the creation of bio-inspired ingredients. As essential components of proteins, amino acids are encoded by the DNA of the cells of all living beings and play a determining role both in the structure of organisms, and their biological metabolisms. Originating from plant sources or biotechnologies, they are carboxylic acids with an amine functional group. While their general structure is NH2 – HCR – COOH, they differ in terms of the R group side chain.