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Sugar chemistry creates bio-based ingredients for many purposes.

At HeW pharma, the application of this chemistry is built around a comprehensive knowledge in the field of sugars and the 12 principles of green chemistry. This involves an entire ecosystem, spanning sugar supply chains, understanding of the molecular structures and chemical properties of sugars and their derivatives, processing and analytical methods. It even extends to mastering the functionality and performance of the ingredients, whether foaming, wetting, hydrotope, solubilizing, detergent, emulsifying or biologically active, in the finished products.

Mastering the chemistry of sugars and the chemistry of polyols, has given rise to three main families of nonionic surfactants:

  • Sorbitan esters,
  • Alkyl PolyGlycosides (APG),
  • Polyol PolyGlycosides (PPG).